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Your Yacht is Our Business...

If you are a yacht owner or planning to become one and same time want to reduce to zero the operational costs of your yacht and receive additional income - or just think about an investment with strong yield, we have best offer!

Benefits of the ship-owner

Passing the yacht to work in Sailera the yacht-owner receives the following opportunities:

• Full compensation of all operating costs: mooring, routine maintenance, preparation for going to sea, conservation for the winter period

• Full compensation of periodic and annual registration expenses

• Full compensation for ship insurance costs

• The possibility of using the yacht at its own discretion in a certain period

• Income from renting a yacht *

How it works

The vessel is transferred by the owner to full management. The time is specified in advance, during which the owner can use the yacht for himself (usually, this is 4-6 weeks). Sailera provides:

• complete management of the operation of the boat and its repair

• Registration and ship insurance

• Inclusion of the yacht in the annual charter plan (usually 16-20 weeks)

• Customer search (we work with more than +3500 agents around Europe)

• Support for customers using the yacht

• Organizational and financial support of clients

How income is distributed

The financial revenue received on the Sailera account from the owner's yacht lease is distributed in three articles:

• Compensation of expenses

• Income of the owner

• Income part of the charter company

Generally, the yacht owner earns 65-50% after deducting all expenses, agency and company revenues from the total income..

The owner's income depends on the type of vessel; the number of weeks to be used by the owner; the number of weeks in the charter. Data on the yacht's operation, financial revenue, location of the vessel are available for every ship-owner on-line.

What are the advantages of charter management in Turkey?

Every year the number of yachtsmen visiting Turkey is growing. The yacht infrastructure is developing. In addition to the existing ones, several new marines are being built. The main advantages of Charter Management compared to other Locations:

• Low cost of registration of a vessel under the flag of Turkey

• Lower cost of berthing facilities and services in marinas

* For used yachts, Sailera Charter Management program is not an investment offer. The main advantage of this service is the possibility of compensating the annual operating costs, as well as routine maintenance and repair of the yacht by competent specialists with a guaranteed level of quality, reliability and responsibility. At the same time, ship-owners can rely on guaranteed additional income.