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Catamarans vs Monohull

First of all, we definitely know that tastes and colors are indisputable. Although the only fact for leading sailors are usually single-hulled boats. But when it comes to holidays, the popularity of catamarans is increasing day by day, especially if there is a crowded queue.

Because it is easier to navigate in the shallow water with the catamaran, it offers wide and wonderful views from the cabin, especially the front deck offers a perfect sunbathing area and is much more comfortable without swinging. You don't need to climb or descend stairs to get in. Since the cabins are completely separate from each other, they offer an important privacy advantage. You don't 'feel' the wind as much as when Monohull set sail.

Bareboat Charters

Bareboat - the maritime equivalent of hiring a boat without a crew. Bareboat Rentals give you an unmatched sense of freedom and accomplishment. However, bareboating requires at least one of the crew members to be an experienced sailor. Similar to renting a car, you need to know how to drive and have a valid driving license. Unlike renting a car, everyone on the team needs to take at least some responsibility. It requires the captain to know not only how to operate the boat, but also how to organize and manage the crew.

Bareboats do best when one person is in charge, but everyone has at least one role in the team. This can range from lifting the sails to anchoring, cleaning or cooking, but in this spirit a crew puts less strain on the captain and has a better sense of vacation satisfaction.

"Bareboat with Skipper(Captain)"

If you want to have a holiday or sail by sailboat but are worried about details or if you are not sure yet, you can rent your boat "bareboat with captain". This is the best and safest way for you to experience sailing boat experience. For example, we highly recommend adding a captain even if you are an avid sailor. You can sail all together and give responsibilities to everyone, but you will be able to turn all your attention to being with your family.

Chartering With Children

Many of our clients ask us if it would be a good idea to bring the kids with them - not only because of obvious safety concerns, but also because they think the kids will be trapped on the boat and ruin the holiday. These are of course possible, but in our experience this is rarely the case, in fact children learn to be on the yacht, respect the boat's rules, and enjoy taking responsibility and behave better when assigned. In a nutshell, kids love boats!

If you are planning a sailboat charter with a family, we definitely recommend you to rent a catamaran. Catamarans are great for kids, they offer lots of playgrounds, they are flat feet so kids are always in front of your eyes. Catamarans do not cause nausea since they do not swing from side to side. They will also love to jump into the water from the stern deck.

However, charter holidays with children require planning and enforcement of certain rules. Here are some basic recommendations:

Set clear security rules. Discuss the rules of a charter before sailing and reinforce them as soon as you get on the boat. The rules we use:
The captain is the boss, his word is the law
Always wear a life jacket when not in the cockpit
Never leave the boat without the permission of an adult.
Never go to the front of the boat without an adult
Don't run around
never go alone in the water.
Shorten travel distances. This reduces the chances of boredom leading to mischief. Instead of a 4-5 hour sailing, do two 2-2.5 hour sails, run on a beach and play in between.

Bring lots of Beaches and Water Toys. If possible, rent a canoe or paddle board and they love freedom.

Teach them to be sailors and it will have an impact on their lives. reveal the science of sailing. Show them the charts, the instruments. Let them use the winch and press the button for the hoe. They will feel more "connected" and they step into being sailors for life

Finding the right charter boat for your family

If you are planning to hire with kids, it is important to get the right boat and a skipper who enjoys working with the kids so there is plenty of room for them. We can recommend the most suitable yachts for families with children. The first hire of your children will open them to the love of being in the water and we will assist you in all your planning to make it the best holiday of your life!