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The Advantages of Chartering a Yacht 

Yacht Charter Basics - a brief overview!

Basic Information About Yacht Charter

The process of chartering a yacht can be exciting, but understand that it can also be just as chilling. It is often confusing and full of jargon related to both the boat and the contract. Here is a simple guide to simplify your rental. If you want more information on any topic, contact us and we'll explain it all to you. The best part of booking a rental through Sailera is that we put everything in front of you in the most transparent form and complete the hard work for you! This makes the whole process stress-free and ultimately enjoyable.

You have many options for your next vacation, there are thousands of resort hotels on a beautiful beach where you can get a great tan, dine with family and friends, and maybe even find a club for the evening. So why are you chartering a yacht?

We believe chartering a beautiful sailing yacht is the most memorable and beautiful way to spend a holiday. Our customers have been telling us over and over again, "This was the best holiday ever"!

A yacht charter holiday offers you the following advantages:
  • Stay somewhere different every night without repacking
  • Avoid the crowds on your way to the most desirable destinations and spend an isolated vacation with your family or loved ones.
  • Learn new skills that are valuable in every moment of your life
  • Be as relaxed or active as you want, using all the water toys at hand
  • Enjoy the yachts worth hundreds of thousands of euros as long as your rental time without the need to invest hundreds of thousands of euros.


Be together

Being on a boat brings you much closer to your friends and family because together you share a magical experience ofereing free in the water.

You spend so much time on the water, on the beach, or just enjoying the experience that intimacy rarely seems like an issue. also there is always something to do on the boat. If for any reason you feel cramped, take a book to the bow deck and explore yourself from scratch. Or go ashore in a boat and explore the surroundings!

A vacation like no other

The combination of freedom and success you get in a boat is almost an addictive force. This is why people who once rent a boat tend to do this over and over again and would not settle for a hotel room where they can get the entire sea as their holiday home!